Flexible Engineering team

Flexible Engineering team

With 800+ colleagues across three different continents, we can assemble the right team for your project that will have a proven track record in engineering, project management, BI, and other areas. We cover most major tech stacks, with a strong focus on the PHP ecosystem.

Our main strength is building highly productive technology teams and supporting business owners with on-demand engineering resources. We can assemble teams in weeks, not months, because we have a track record of building teams and a vast network of developers. Our goal is to bring together top talent to meet your specific needs, whether for a product, a startup or an offshoot.

We can offer

Readily available talent pool

We have a whole roster of experienced specialists that possess the core competencies you might need to build the tech solutions that’ll drive your business forward.

Custom and flexible team setup

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and each team is assembled and re-calibrated taking the project’s changing scope into account. No matter the complexity, we can build you a team in just weeks.

Flexible commitment with maximum attitude

Our team can take on full responsibility, when it comes to project management, business process modeling, UX/UI, system architecture and engineering, infrastructure operation and QA.

Smooth and transparent workflow

We will always be on hand to ensure that all workflows proceed with ease, clarity and efficiency.

Cost savings

Having a flexible engineering team means that you’ll save on recruiting, staffing, office space, and other costs associated with running things in-house.

Scale your business

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