Dedicated Engineering team

Dedicated Engineering team

Our biggest success stories - KAYAK, Swoodoo, Home24 and many others - are built by our dedicated engineering teams. It is usually a long-term option with a full client identity, but we still manage all of the administrative work.

Many of our clients face rapid growth, an evolving business model and challenges building a software engineering team in-house. These challenges include the need to quickly adopt new technology and unpredictable resource requirements for software development.  In many such cases, an outsourced team of world-class professionals with specific expertise might be the best choice.

A managed dedicated development team has the competencies needed to support smooth business operations and flexibility in a fast-paced, unpredictable business environment. The client remains in charge of setting the goals and building the backlog, while the dedicated team handles the execution across all phases of the project.

Our goal is to gather top talent for your specific needs based on the size of your business, your market, services or products, and goals. Our development team, along with product and business owners, is responsible for planning product outcomes and managing the entire development cycle.

Our teams consist of software engineers, business analysts, user experience experts and data scientists, system architects, project managers, and infrastructure operation and quality assurance specialists.

We can offer

Full ownership of all technology-related issues

We enable our clients to completely offload the burden of software development and fully dedicate their efforts to business development.

Recruitment and management of a technical team

We have direct access to a vast talent pool of experienced specialists that possess the core competencies you might need to build the tech that’ll drive your business forward.

Infrastructure provided by NFQ

We’ll happily set up a cloud-based or on-premise solution that suits your needs.

A diverse technology stack you can tap into on demand

With a strong focus on the PHP ecosystem, we can offer you access to the broadest range of tech frameworks imaginable.

Possibility to fully or partially buy out the dedicated team

If you ever feel like taking over the reins, we can always discuss a variety of buyout options.

Scale your business

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