Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has been on a sharp rise in the last decade. Booking a rental car or getting last-time delivery has never been easier for the user. At the same time, the complexity of tech solutions that make it possible is spectacular.

And sharing economy is an area we’re comfortable in. For instance, we’ve built platforms for the first Lithuanian car-and-bicycle sharing company CityBee and solutions for the P2B lending platform Lendico.

Now, we're ready to help you build technological solutions to make your business more efficient, effective, and trusted.

From survival to sustainability

While most sharing businesses are still going through the transition to sustainability, the sharing economy seems to be on the right track.

  • At least 500 million worldwide have shared assets or services for profit in the last three years (Deloitte).
  • The global sharing economy market should reach $335 billion by 2025 (PwC).
  • 39% of US consumers have engaged in car sharing and ride sharing (NCBI, 2020).

Trust is crucial for sharing economy companies. Research shows that confidence in a platform helps build trust in a provider.

Choosing the right technology

The sharing economy depends on customer trust and regulation, making no room for error. For businesses that rely on thousands of contractors, that means being able to handle huge data spikes, 24/7 real-time monitoring, state-of-the-art payment systems, and impeccable quality assurance processes.

Let's talk about your opportunities and implementation of the right technology for your sharing economy business.

We can offer

Advisory & Consulting

In 20+ years of experience and 1000+ successful projects we’ve seen everything that works and everything that doesn't in technology, infrastructure, business models, UX/UI and marketing. We provide insights on your situation AND deliver on them via concepts, designs or MVPs.

Dedicated Engineering team

Our biggest success stories - KAYAK, Swoodoo, Home24 and many others - are built by our dedicated engineering teams. It is usually a long-term option with a full client identity, but we still manage all of the administrative work.

Digital solutions

We help you find opportunities for automation, new business or scaling in areas as diverse as e-commerce, travel, transport, logistics, retail, sharing economy, manufacturing, IoT, fintech and others. You choose however you want to work, we can partner on a project-by-project basis or co-create more closely. What matters most to us, is that we deliver.

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  • Sixt
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  • Home24
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  • Rebike
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  • valantic

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